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What's New in Capture One 12

Capture One 12

Capture One 12

Phase One has released Capture One 12 with the following new features.

  1. New user interface and new menu system

  2. A new keyword shortcuts manager

  3. Luma range masking

  4. Enhanced linear gradient masking tool

  5. New radial gradient masking tool

  6. New plug-in platform

  7. Extended AppleScript support

  8. Fujifilm film simulations

Below is a video in which I walk through all the new features in Capture One 12.

Next I want to talk more about some features that I really enjoy in the new Capture One

Luma Range Masking


This is a new feature introduced in Capture One 12 that allows you to target a particular range of luminosity. With this new feature, you can now accurately select shadow, mid-tone or highlight area that you want to edit. The anchor points on the top specify the range of luminosity that you are targeting. The anchor points at the bottom controls the feathering. This new Luma Range Masking can work globally, it can also work with your local adjustments as well. For example, you can use this tool in conjunction with linear gradient mask or the new radial gradient mask tool. I think this new tool is great for landscape photography.

Enhanced Linear Gradient Masking Tool


In the older versions of Capture One, you can find a linear gradient tool, but it is not as intuitive to use as the linear gradient tool in Lightroom. After you draw a linear mask, if you want to make changes, you would have to redraw the mask. With the improvement in Capture One 12, now you can edit your linear gradient mask, which means you don’t have to redraw the mask. Now you can drag the mask and rotate the mask, Also the linear gradient masking tool can be used at the same time with the luma range masking tool mentioned above.

New Radial Gradient Masking Tool


Although this feature exists in Lightroom for a long time, it is new to Capture One 12. It allows you to easily make a radial masking tool in Capture One. You can drag the mask, control the size of the mask and the feathering of the mask. Like the linear gradient masking tool, this radial gradient tool can also work with the new luma range masking tool.

Fujifilm Film Simulations

If you are a Fujifilm user, you are going to be happy with the release of Capture One 12 thanks to the integration of Fujifilm film simulations. You can apply the film simulations to your RAW files by going to “Base Characteristics“ tool and click on the “Curve“ drop down menu. If your Fujifilm camera is supported, you will see the film simulations listed in the drop down menu. Unfortunately, not all Fujifilm cameras are supported with film simulations. Some older models such as Fujifilm X-T1 can’t use the film simulations in Capture one 12.

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