Amazing Sunrise at the Top of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Sugarloaf Mountain in Boulder County in Colorado, about half an hour drive from where I live. I have heard of it for so long but not until recently did I decide to go there and take a look. My first trip to Sugarloaf Mountain was about a month ago. It took about half an hour from the trail head to the summit. I got there before sunset. However, I didn't get what I wanted that day due to the weather turning so dull. Therefore I decided to try again at sunrise.

On the Friday night, April 22, I looked at weather forecast for the next morning and it predicted it would be very cloudy with a high chance to rain. That made me hesitant. On one hand, clouds may help you because a totally clear sky without any texture might be less interesting. But on the other hand, if it becomes too cloudy or rainy it might just be another dull photo. At last I decided to give it a try and now I am very glad that I made that decision.

Like I said above, it takes half an hour from my apartment to the trail head, and takes another half an hour to arrive at the top. The sunrise was around 6:10 AM on that day, and I usually need to get on location half an hour before sunrise so I have time to work my composition. Therefore, on the morning of April 23, I got up at 4 am and left my place at 4:30, which made me arrived at Sugarloaf Mountain Summit at 5:40 AM. The light at that time started looking beautiful already.

The following is a short video that I captured with Snapchat on my phone. I found it is really a convenient way to capture behind-the-scenes stories. You can find me by username ming.cai or by the snapcode.

Gorgeous sunrise from Sugarloaf Mountain, Colorado

Gorgeous sunrise from Sugarloaf Mountain, Colorado