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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my landscape photography website.

My name is Ming Cai. I started photography in 2015 when I was in graduate school. I still clearly remember that I bought my first entry level DSLR, Nikon D3200, on January 2 in 2015. Since that day, photography has never stopped growing on me. Among all genres of photography, I particularly like landscape photography. When I was still a student, it inspired me to go out and explore everything around me after busy school work. After graduation in the summer of 2015, I moved from Ithaca, NY to Boulder, CO. At the base of the Rocky Mountains, I was impressed by the beauty of nature. Hiking in the mountains and photographing the beautiful moments quickly became my passions. I also like to travel whenever I can. It gives me opportunities to photograph different but unique landscapes. Please click here to see my photos.

Hope you enjoy.


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