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My name is Ming Cai, a landscape photographer based in Colorado, USA. I grew up in Hangzhou, China, and came to the United States for college in 2011. I love travel, hiking, exploring places. I love to be surprised by the beauty of the nature and to be amazed by how little I know about this world that we live in. Landscape photography to me is not just a category of photography but a lifestyle that allows me to escape from this busy world and all the distractions. It helps me calm my mind and find peace. Landscape photography is also not merely about going places and snapping photos, but it is more about trying to get the best out of the scene in front of my eyes. In order to get the best, I need to take what it takes to get the best. Usually that means to get up at 3 am for shooting sunrise or come home late in the night after shooting sunset, hours of hiking on trails with camera gears and personal items, revisiting the same place multiple times to get better compositions and shoot in different lighting conditions. Each photo I produced memorizes the story and the experience behind it.


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